Congratulations to Kellie Pritchard-Peschek for being selected as Red Dog’s Athlete of the Month for July 2022.

Kellie wins this month’s award for being the first female over the line at The Guzzler half marathon. Well done!

A big thank you to our sponsors for donating this month’s prizes.

1.Red Dog AOTM, how do you feel about that?

Very surprised! And equally as chuffed!

2. What attracted you to the club?

Way back when I was a youngster in 2010. Lots of my friends had joined RDTT so I made the move too, it was a great social atmosphere and we had a heap of fun training together...I even enjoyed swimming! Not to mention the coffee and breakky post-Saturday rides that were equal in duration!     

3. How much training do you do at the moment?

Woefully little compared to what I used to do! About 1 session daily at the moment, either running road & trails, riding or gym.

4. What’s your favourite session and why?

Thursday morning runs (formerly known as Thursday World Champs). Nothing like a bunch of egos at play to drive the pace. 

 5. Who’s your ideal training partner and why?

You can't go past chasing an Olympian around - Bri Silk keeps me honest and pushing my limits!

6. Favourite motivational quote?

To quote the punchy Glennon Doyle - “I can do hard things”. It’s kind of a mantra for life really. Everything I want is on the other side of the challenge, and every challenge represents growth. I'm grateful to be able to do what I do, so I'm going to enjoy every moment! 

7. The one bit of advice I’d give to a newbie is…

1.Buy a good set of knicks. 2. Chamois cream and Body Glide will save your life. 3. Don't wear calf socks in public. 4. 8pm is an acceptable bedtime. On a Saturday. 5. The Dying Hole is an actual place. 6. Love the process.

8. What’s your next event?

Well I’ve won a spot at The Guzzler 21km in 2023 to defend my title! No doubt I’ll be hitting up many more long trail events in the meantime to keep myself sharp. 

9. What do you do outside of training?

Analyze my WHOOP data. Work, drink coffee and wine. 

10. What’s your one guilty pleasure?

Almond croissant. Every time. 


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