RDTT Club Etiquette



· Swim in a clockwise direction

· Overtake slower swimmers when safe. Do not constantly tap the feet of a slower swimmer ahead

· If you feel you are too slow/fast for your lane, please check with the coach or change lanes as directed

· Please bring appropriate equipment for the session as indicated on the timetable.


· Select the appropriate Saturday group to ride with based on your ability/fitness and published average ride speeds

· If you are unable to keep up on Saturday rides, be aware you may be dropped from the group

· Lights must be charged (front and back) and used when riding in dark

· Display a RDTT bike sticker on your bike (available in membership parcel)

· Ride directly behind the rider in front of you

· Keep within 1m from the rider next to you, bar to bar, unless the bunch is riding single

· Do not ride more than two people abreast

· Be predictable

· Avoid sudden surges

· Call hazards and pass calls forward and backward through the bunch

· Roll through anti-clockwise and take your turn on the front

· Do not use your aero-bars whilst riding in a bunch

· Wear cycling kit and clip in shoes

· Carry your own repair kit

· Bring adequate fluids and nutrition for the ride distance

· Keep your bike in sound mechanical condition

· Wear an Australian Standards compliant helmet at all times

· Obey all road rules and be respectful and aware of other road users

· Obey all directions given by the coach/ride leader.


· Wear run clothing and running shoes and bring a water bottle

· Other run sessions may be on-road – please take care and be aware of traffic.


· Maintain good personal hygiene, use deodorant

· Be aware and respectful of other athletes

· Antisocial, rude or offensive behaviour will not be tolerated

· No use of iPods/MP3 players during group training

· Please listen to the coach and obey all instructions

· Do not offer advice to other athletes unless asked by the coach to do so

· Red Dog Triathlon Training has built a club based on great performances from a broad range of ages and abilities with a fun atmosphere

· Please introduce yourself to other athletes as it supports the friendly environment that existing squad members enjoy.