February Athlete of the Month 2012 - Linda O'Connor

Reddog AOTM, how do you feel about that?

Thrilled absolutely thrilled!  The squad is so large with so many deserving athletes, it would be hard to choose just one athlete each month.


What attracted you to the sport of triathlon?

I was a very reluctant starter.  Until my 40th birthday, I had never ridden a road bike before - the clip in pedals were OK, it was the curly handlebars and gear shifters that were very off putting.  Combine that with my Hubbie's bunch riding tales about cycling etiquette... in particular, appropriate sock height, no tan lines and the BIG one -  not to brake too hard in a group, that I almost never started. 

So what eventually attracted me to triathlon?  The lycra outfits - definitely the lycra!


If you were Reddog coach for the week, what would you do differently?

I would have a Bretto and Joey as inspirational coaches, motivating the squad during the March wind trainer sessions.  The Reddog squad secret weapons!!


How much training do you do at the moment?

Usually 2 sessions a day.  An 'A' session and a not too serious 'B' session.


Least favourite session and why?

Afternoon runs, they play on my mind all day until I do it.  I would much prefer to finish the morning ride with a run off the bike and then put my feet up for the day. I like having the afternoon to do other things and cooking and eating are a usual favourite.


If you had one wish, what would it be?

That I had started the sport in my early twenties.


Favourite motivational quote?

Swim like there is no bike, ride like there is no run and run like there is no tomorrow.


What advice would you give to other Reddogs who would like to be AOTM?

Listen to your coach. Amongst everything he says, you will find some pearls of wisdom every so often.


What are your goals?

At the moment, qualify for World Sprint and Olympic distance races, eventually decide on one of the 2 distances and then head over to Auckland in October.   Noosa after that and  then a break - a long break.


Who would be your ideal training partner?

There are so many Reddog athletes at my level and above my level, who push me to an unbelievable sweaty mess each session - that I am spoilt for choice.