March Athlete of the Month 2012 - Briarna Mackie

Reddog AOTM, how do you feel about that?

I was getting texts from Reddogs congratulating me & I hadn't received the squad email yet, so I was quite surprised but a little confused as to how everyone else knew except me.

Getting AOTM is definitely a nice feeling!


What attracted you to the sport of triathlon?

After years of Athletics & Soccer, I needed something more challenging for myself. I originally wanted to try the Surf Ironman thing. I don't know how that would have gone down as I hadn't swum since my last high school swim carnival and at that time my backstroke was faster than my freestyle. Plus I wasn't the most confident surf swimmer at the time but it was the challenge of the different legs in the Surf Ironman that interested me. I’m thankful that my dad found an article in the paper about a beginner tri squad. He suggested I try that instead...and so the training began!


How much training do you do at the moment?

1 or 2 sessions a day, most days of the week.

I do love to sleep in, I rarely miss those sessions. I make sure I get my coffee sessions in too, especially after a hard set at the track on a Tuesday.


Least favourite session and why?

I love to hate wind trainer sessions - a bit of a mental challenge for me, especially the ones with the 20-30min efforts but it’s always a nice feeling when you get through the set.


If you had one wish, what would it be?

To become a better cyclist overnight.

I thought maybe by marrying a cyclist it might have helped instantly!!?


Favourite motivational quote?

Pain is temporary.

(Something that always pops into my head when racing)


What advice would you give to other Reddogs who would like to be AOTM?

I soon learnt that consistency is the key!

Although I like to listen to my body & rest when I need too. That's when my sleep-in sessions come in to play.


What are your goals?

First goal has now been ticked off the list: making the AG team for world champs, Woohoo!

Next goal is getting to that start line in October stronger & faster than ever before.


Who would be your ideal training partner?

Swim: Flouchy, cos I get boofed in the head when he laps me on the long sets, it feels just like race day so it's good practice. Pete Dennis, if I don’t let the bubbles from his kick disappear to far ahead, then I know I’m having a good session.

Bike: There are a lot of Reddogs to push me to hurt....the list would go on forever.

Run: I enjoy chasing the Standroid around the track (from a distance of course)! Plus any of the guys/girls around the same pace during those track efforts.