Congratulations to Lucy Whyte, AOTM for April 2019.

Lucy wins the award for taking first place in her age group in the Moreton Bay Sprint Distance Triathlon. Well done!!!

A big thank you to our sponsors RHP PhysiotherapyNo More Knotsthe Brow Bar and AvantiPlus The Valley for donating this month’s prizes.


1.           Red Dog AOTM, how do you feel about that? 

Disappointed that my Raby Bay Rumble match, John Martin, beat me to it. Elated that he'll have to share the title with me.

2.            What attracted you to the club?

I followed Cath across when VTC joined the Red Dog ranks last year. I was attracted by the quality coaching and will stay for the people - it's a club that welcomes and caters for a range of aspirations and cultivates good friendships.

3.            How much training do you do at the moment?

6-9 sessions a week. Depending on how heavy my doona is in the morning.

4.            Least favourite session and why?

Swimming. With a band only. I perform best when I have ready access to oxygen and my quads.

5.            If you had one wish, what would it be?

See Trent attempt to slip into the Red Dog women's race swimsuit. A sweat-raising win for me before reaching the start line on any race day.

6.            Favourite motivational quote?

Don't be a dick. Sam Morgan, the founder of New Zealand's answer to eBay - Trade Me - wrote it into the company's core values. That and, if they're a dick, make them hurt. (Not attributed to Sam).

7.            The one bit of advice I’d give to a newbie is …

Take a turn on the front. And don't wear undies under your cycling nicks.

8.            My next race is …

Byron or Straddie and apprehensively contemplating an adventure race with the recently formed Red Dog AR Division.

9.           I couldn’t do without …

Renee Bidwell, Clare White, Tristan Taylor and John Martin. Trent and Cath too. Comrades, coaches and competitors who push me when I back off and pick me up when I falter.

10.        What do you do outside of triathlons?

Think about reading more and sleeping in (followed by instantly regretting sleeping in). Drink tea. Call the growing list of interstate/overseas friends and family I've neglected. Explore and find ways to support the stellar art collection and exhibitions presented at the Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art (QAGOMA).

11.       What’s your one guilty pleasure? 

 Sleeping in. And standing out of the saddle up-hill on Saturday rides when Trent isn't watching.

A list of all AOTM recipients can be found here