AOTM JamesDimsey

   AOTM JamesDimsey2


Congratulations to James Dimsey on being selected as Red Dog’s Athlete of the Month for August 2014. Well done!!! 

James wins the award for winning the TQ Duathlon and the Straddie Pure Sprint Triathlon.

A big thank you to Shoes Feet Gear, No More Knots & Fusion for donating this month’s prizes.


1: Red Dog AOTM, how do you feel about that?

Really happy for the nomination after a year that started with injury.

2: What attracted you to the squad?

I used to swim at the Valley Pool at lunch with some mates. After figuring out that lanes 1-4 was a triathlon club and not a ‘swimming with Tourettes” class (as initially thought) I decided to give it a go.

3: If you were Red Dog coach for the week, what would you do differently?

Have a handicap race for both the 20k bike TT and the 5k run TT. Start in order from slowest to fastest based on your last TT times and get everyone to chase!

4: How much training do you do at the moment?

Usually 3-4 swims, 4 rides and 3 runs a week

5: Least favourite session and why?

Swimming. In particular swimming without the aided assistance of a pull buoy, wetsuit, salt water or any other floatation device!

6: If you had one wish, what would it be?

To have more wishes....and for the Valley Pool’s heater to work

7: Favourite motivational quote?

“I know the price of success: dedication, hard work, and an unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen.” Frank Lloyd Wright

“If it’s hurting me, it’s killing them” Sebastian Kienle (talking about his bike leg in an Ironman)

 and last but not least

 “I’m not going to give you athlete of the month for having the fastest bike leg in a race!” Trent Patten 

8: What advice would you give to other Red Dogs who would like to be AOTM?

Know what each session is trying to achieve (strength, speed or endurance) and formulate a goal for each based on that. Small gains in training can make all the difference on race day.

Also listen to your body. If it’s telling you to have a break, have a break!

9: What are your goals?

If the body holds up for the next couple of months I’d like to try and get in the top 3 in my age group at Noosa.

10: Who would be your ideal training partner?

Literally anyone at Red Dog is great to train with. When I need a push Pidgeon has great feet to tap in the pool; Super Torch Storch and the Drabble Train are fun to chase on the run (and PA for the first 400m of any 1k effort...); and Footey, Storch, and Crowley are some of my regular crew on the bike.

Can’t forget the couch potato formally known as “The Freak” Brad Mathers. Although most of our training these days is done under a TAB screen at the QA.

11: What do you do outside of triathlons?

I’m a Portfolio Manager for the Port Of Brisbane. That combined with training takes up most of the working week. I like to get away to the Coast and overseas as much as possible. Always keen to debrief a race over a beer or two....