September Athlete of the Month

Not called long legs for nothing how tall are you???
I am 176cm. My Mum used to call me Bambi as she reckoned I looked like a deer when I used to run cross country as a kid as I was all legs.

How does it feel to be ranked top 5 in the World???
I was stoked with the result, it was great to see that the swim training paid off (think I counted 76 swim sessions before Worlds) so it goes to show it you put in the hard work you are rewarded.

Tell us about the few months before Worlds and the training that you did?
I set aside 4 months to really dedicate myself to training for Worlds.. I bascially did 12 sessions a week a tried to focus on keeping it simple and tried to listen to my body. I asked Trent what he thought I needed to do and he bascially said SWIM I had a great crew (aka Inner circle) to train with, which really motivated and inspired me to keep at it. Its not the destination but the journey that makes it all worth while.

Who is hot right now in Red dog??
James Hood Lane 1 Yeronga Pool :) and Katie Court - she has the most amazing eyes I have ever seen!!!

What is your occupation?
I have an Exercise Physiogy background and currently work for a large Engineering company in a Health and Safety role.

Katie calls you the eating machine? can you tell us what a champion like yourself eats in a day??? and what is yor favourite food)?
My favourite food is anything from a bakery, I am a carb addict (muffins, cakes etc). Although when drunk love either macca's drive though or Red rooster hot chips. When I am being good I try and stick to about 6 small meals a day with loads of variety. I am also a coffee junkie but try and keep it under 3 a day.

If you were Red dog coach for a day what would you do and why?Red Dog coach for a day?
Mmmmmmmm, I would probably get everyone to gather around a bon fire and burn thier drag suits and bands.As you can tell the swim is my favourite leg.

What age group athlete do you admirer and why???
Greg I personally think is amazing, he never missess a swim session, gives everything a crack and is always so encouarging of others. Other notable mentions go to the old bastards that are out there living the dream.

Favourite Quote?
Pain is just weakness leaving the body.