August Athlete of the Month

Reddog AOTM how do you feel about that?
I must admit I am stoked. I always told myself I wasn’t that fussed by the whole concept but now I’ve snagged it I’m quite chuffed - it has definitely been a good motivator both in the lead up to Airlie and in response to it.
I’ve got to extend a big thanks to the crew at No More Knots, Active Stride and Revive for the great prize pack. Some new race shoes and some limbering up will be just what the doctor ordered.

You are a relative newcomer to triathlon. So what attracted you to this sport?
I was living in Margaret River in West Aus before I moved to Brisbane a few years ago. Over in the West we used to surf every day and do a lot of trail biking so you were always active and doing something physical most days. When I moved to Brisbane it was impossible to get out of the city everyday so I needed something to fill the activity gap and expel some energy.  I bought myself a pushy to get to work as the Brisbane traffic was doing my head in. Not long after that I met Ty and was handing his arse to him on a regular basis on the rides we were doing. I did the enticer at the Luke Harrop and picked up third (I also hassled USM to send out the medal - it was a proud moment running past all those 13 year old kids). A while after that Ty convinced me to come down to training and it was on from there.

How much training do you do per week at this stage?
I try and do at least 2 runs, 2 swims and 2 rides per week. I’m trying to ramp up the swim work a little because I am not very good at it and get rattled on the race starts with the crowd factor. I also try and do some 'non training' at least once a week, which is usually a moto session or being obnoxious on the Mountain Bike.

What advice would you give other Reddogs who would like to be AOTM?
Set yourself a program that wont kill you, stick to it and show up - even when you’re tired and don’t want to -  you always feel better for it afterward. I found it amazing how much better you get when you actually show up to training - some real sports science there kids!?!?

What's your favourite Motivation Quote?
'If you’re not at race pace, you’re just practicing to go slow.' - Troy Bayliss (3 x World Superbike Champion & Top Aussie)

Do you think male triathletes should go back to racing in sluggos and singlets?
Ha! I’m not sure about racing in them, but I am thinking sluggo’s could be the look for summer. You can wear ‘em in the garden with a set of work boots, mow the lawn in ‘em, wear ‘em down to the dump - the concept is totally tops.  I need to work on the gut a bit more but that is the look I’m striving for long term: Garden hose in one hand, beer in the other, sluggos on - living the Aussie dream!

If you were a Reddog coach for a week what would you do differently?
I’m no coach, but I reckon a game of soccer with a few beers once a month would be a good Sunday arvo hit out with the crew. Work on that sprint training a little.

Least favourite session and why?
Any swim session that involves kick drills. I can never get a set of fins that fit and I seem to sink if I’m not flapping my arms around. I always get crook after those sessions from breathing in water. Grrrr.

Most favourite session and why?
This new Friday morning swim-bike-run session is awesome. The first one had a good big crew going hard. It’s also GOLD to watch all the construction workers around the valley smoking ciggies at 6:00 AM standing on the corner and checking out the ladies in their tri suits as they run past. It cracks me up - I am pretty sure it is the construction dudes’ favourite session of the week as well!!!

If the 'Red Dog' was a mixed drink, what would be in it?
From my experience it would be messy - probably Rum, Black Sambuca and maybe a touch of Vodka and Apple Juice or maybe some Red Bull. Rough eh? It’d be like training with the mutt - not that pretty, but you’d be in a whole world of pain at the end of a session!!!