Athlete of the Month October 2009

Congratulations on Noosa, you had an awesome day, tell us about it ?
Some days you have a bad day and some days you have a good day. Noosa was a good day. In the scheme of things I am still a bit green in the world of triathlon. I think I learnt at Worlds that I can’t go flat out from the start so I just tried to keep the effort even throughout the day. Also I have started using a HR monitor when I race. I think that’s worth its weight in Gold.

Being Reddog AOTM, how does this rate against other achievements and what did you do before becoming a triathlete ?
It’s massive being the Reddog AOTM. Immediately prior to becoming a triathlete I focused on drinking booze and eating pizza (managed to get to 100KG in my prime). Prior to this I came from a back ground in Surf life saving

What makes you tick and keeps you coming back for more success?
This year I have found a new lease in life with a new training partner (Nashy) which drives me to get out of bed. Also Katie is always up and doing something so it’s easy to get up early and get on with things.

What advice would you give in order for others to achieve their goals?
The biggest thing I have leant this year is do a big base in winter and you can’t expect to run well if you’re carrying a few extra kg’s. Also have a good time in what ever you’re doing. No one is racing for sheep stations.  

If you had one wish, what would it be?
That there was no such thing as a hangover.  If that’s not possible, I wish I could spell without spell check.

What is your motivation quote?
2nd place is the first looser.
Dream, believe, create, and succeed

Who's hot right now in Red Dog (apart from yourself)?
Of course Katie Court (currently freshening up after a great start to the season). I think the most consistent this year has been Hart’s and Nash dog. Solid results all round.  (also Matty Shakespeare deserves a mention for the worst luck at start of the season but made up for it at the Reddog party.) Keep it up Matty.

Are you going to race in sluggos this year like the good old days?
Massive fan of sluggos. Like pool swimming and the race suits, I think triathlon should go back to grass roots and bring back the buggy smullgers. One of my goals this year is to have a hit out in DT’s. Keep an eye out or should I say magnifying glass handy.

If you were a Red Dog coach for the week what would you do differently?
Take a week off.

Least favourite session and why?
It depends on what the week has been like. I struggle on a Friday morning but breakfast makes up for it. Does anyone know of a cheap location for breakfast as our regular has gone into receivership? I guess they couldn’t make money out of the $ 8:95 big breakfasts!

What age grouper do you admire and why?
Favourite age grouper is Taylor Nash. Currently presiding in the 0-1 age group I saw her open up the other day towards the fridge and it was quick, real quick.

Who is your ideal training partner? I know I should say Nashy but as Lucie Richards hasn’t got a mention so I’ll say her. Lucie doesn’t feel the need to talk 24/7 which suits me fine.  Lucie and I can ride for hours and say the bare minimal.

Who would be your ideal sponsor? Oakley for sure. Just take time out to check out the range of backpacks. I heard they also do sunglasses.  Also maybe an insurance company so they can look after my claims when I drive into the carport with my bike on the roof.. (like I did last week)