Athlete of the Month November 2009

Why did you get into triathlons?
So that I could spend time with my husband Craig – otherwise he’d be at training all the time and I wouldn’t get to see him. It’s the same reason why I started to watch AFL!
Most enjoyable race you’ve done and why?
I don’t have that many to choose from considering it’s my first season, so I’d have to say Race 3 of the USM Gatorade Queensland Tri Series at Raby Bay in December 2008. It was the launch of the Reddog tri suit and the comradeship and support for the other squad members made for such a fantastic atmosphere. I loved being a part of that. It was also my first attempt at a sprint distance and I was really happy with how I went.

Triathlons you would like to do and why?
I don’t really have any lofty goals here that I’d like to do . . . I guess now that I’ve done Mooloolaba I’d like to say that I’ve also completed the Noosa tri just so I can say that I’ve done that too.

Most admired age grouper and why?
Janine Wilson, without a doubt. Not only is she the ultimate “pocket rocket”, but she has such grace and humility too.

If you were the Reddog coach for a week what would you do different?
I know that I definitely respond well to bribes (especially food!) so maybe I’d introduce some more incentives such as chocolates at the end of a track session or lollies if you swim a PB. It’s just a thought . . .

Ideal training partner?   
Probably someone who’s slightly better than me to push me along, without taking it all too seriously, and can have a chat and a laugh.

Who would be your ideal sponsor?
Hmm . . . is there a company that incorporates road bikes, triathlon gear, chocolates and housework? If there is I’d like to be sponsored by them.

If you had 1 wish what would it be?
Just for all my family and friends to stay healthy and happy . . . oh and for me to win the Lotto.

What advice would you give other Reddoggers who would like to be AOTM?
I guess I got selected based on my participation at sessions, so my advice would be to just train as hard as you can and make sure Trent notices.

Do you think male triathletes should go back to racing in sluggos and singlets?
Generally not – and once a guy passes a certain age and body shape it should actually be outlawed.

How does it feel to have won more races than your husband Craig in your first season of triathlon?
I feel very lucky to have won those couple of races at Bribie Island and realise that those results are all relative to who competed in my category on the day. That said, however, the mug trophies are displayed on a kitchen shelf so that Craig is constantly reminded that I have won a couple!