Congratulations to Shane Mulquiney for being selected as Red Dog's Athlete of the Month for June 2023.

Shane wins this month's award for his outstanding performance at Cairns Ironman and being the 'Top Dog' on the day.  A big thank you to our sponsors for donating this month’s prizes.

1.Red Dog AOTM, how do you feel about that?

Bloody lucky – I feel like it’s a good stroke of motivation to keep at it.

2. When did you join the club?

Joined back in 2021. Following the first swim session, Trent’s strong banter reeled me in alongside the other strong athletes. 

3. How much training do you do at the moment?

Post ironman absolutely nothing – definitely slapped on a few extra kegs and needing to get back into it. Pre ironman, followed the program like no tomorrow ;)

4. What’s your favourite session and why?

Would have to be a Friday lunch swim session at the valley pool. Love the punishment the lungs cop from the sprint work.

5. Who’s your ideal training partner and why?

Unquestionably the one and only, Mike Addison. This horse kept me on track, worked through my ‘want to have a sleep-in’ texts and we shared countless echoing belly laughs together. Without him I would not have AOTM. 

6. Favourite motivational quote?

‘The thing about time, is that it comes and goes. Tomorrow will make today a distant memory. What’s in front of you is an opportunity to make something you will never forget.’ 

7. The one bit of advice I’d give to someone doing their first Ironman is…

Slow down and don’t over complicate it. Enjoy every moment and like a bar-tab, remember to drink (and eat) on the regular.

8. What’s your next event?

It’s a fine battle between Busso & the 24hr ride with Shane Kent & co for Movember.

 9. What do you do outside of training?

Come up with excuses on how I can skip training. Seriously, spend time with the good humans in my life and more recently joined the reserves which is going to be a fun adventure.

10. What’s your one guilty pleasure?

A filthy 2AM loaded Nutella sandwich. And VB tallies.

11. What’s a 'smokebomb'?

Apparently this is not my strong suit.  I have a habit of announcing that I am ‘smokebombing’ when leaving a party as I feel rude disappearing.  Defeating the purpose of the smokebomb.

12. If you were Red Dog coach for a day, what would you do?

Serve the redman with the absolute servings I cop on the regular.

A list of all AOTM recipients can be found here