aStephenLeach AOTM

Congratulations to Stephen Leach on being selected RDTT’s Athlete of the Month for October 2018!

Stephen wins the award for placing 1st at Raby Bay, 1st at Bribie Island Triathlon and 2nd at QLD Cross Triathlon Championships.

A big thank you to our sponsors the Brow BarAvantiPlus The ValleyMizuno and RHP Physiotherapyfor donating this month’s prizes.


1.           Red Dog AOTM, how do you feel about that?

Indifferent. From my experience athletic performances are directly related to the quality of the coaching, and from my short observation of the coaches in the club I can see why I rose to the top this month (I am self coached).

2.        What attracted you to the club?

Returning to triathlons after 12 years absence I bumped into a former athlete I used to coach - Brett Travis (I taught him everything he knows) who now coaches the Red Pups. He talked up the squad a treat and after watching Trent bumble his way through session after session, I thought he could also do with some guidance and leadership. Secondly, our offices moved to the Valley and I started swimming at lunch.

3.        How much training do you do at the moment?

Commute to work; 3-4 runs a week; and 2-3 swim sessions - between 10-14 hours weekly - injury and recovery dependent.

4.        Least favourite session and why?

Anything that makes you breathe hard. I am a lazy trainer. Don't mind doing the miles - just not at a fast pace. So basically, any training session that Trent holds. 

5.        If you had one wish, what would it be?

To stand on the side of the pool and shout at Trent while he is swimming - "You're dropping your're pulling too soon....your hips are not square....Get into it, old fella - break a sweat!' I would be in my element!.

6.        Favourite motivational quote?

Without pain there is no glory. Learn to enjoy the pain. Initially i thought this was always a physical pain; but I have come to realize this can be emotional pain, motivational pain, or just plain perseverance - the pain to just get it done.

7.        The one bit of advice I’d give to a newbie is… ...(or even returning to triathlons after many years away)....Don't listen to your mates when they tell you people still race tri's in their can be humiliating. Enough said.....Seriously, get a bike fit; find a good club (like RD), and get some good coaching underway. I competed in my 1st tri over 30 years ago, and I am still learning from good coaching (thanks Trent - and Brett!).

8.        My next race is… Kawana double-header weekend... unless someone passes me on my commute home this afternoon.

9.        I couldn’t do what I do without… my wife and children. Moving here from Africa with no relatives was a tough journey, and made us a tight-knit unit. My wife moves the world for me, and I struggle to find ways to repay her for her kindness and generosity. She must be the most giving person I know. (She is a teacher).

10.      My hidden talent is ... getting bike components delivered to the office, and then smuggling them unseen into the garage.

11.      I'd like to learn to ... understand Algebra. Apparently it is important in life.

12.      What do you do outside of triathlons?

Fishing, camping, tinkering with bicycles; watching mini series with the wife. (Currently watching Better Call Saul. Jimmy's the man!).

11.      What’s your one guilty pleasure?

Have more than one. Beer, bourbon, wine and a good laugh !!!


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