AOTM Jessica Parnwell


Congratulations to Jessica Parnwell, AOTM for October 2017. Well done!!!


Jessica wins the award for outstanding efforts in training, placing 3rd in her age group at Robina and smashing her PBs in the latest swim and run time trials.

A big thank you to our sponsors Diamondport, the Brow BarShoes Feet GearBikeFit Studio and Avantiplus The Valley, for donating this month’s prizes.



1.           Red Dog AOTM, how do you feel about that?

Very chuffed, surprised and humbled. 

2.           What attracted you to the club?

I needed friends to train with and google said Red Dog had the most people and the best results so here I am. I have never looked back. My friends Ash and Josh also gave the club a good wrap. 

3.           How much training do you do at the moment?

I travel a bit for work so it varies but I try to get 12 to 14 hours in. Anything more and I am a zombie. 

4.           Least favourite session and why?

2 x 20 mins on the trainer. It is so boring!!  or 5x1k on the track. 

5.           If you had one wish, what would it be?

In the triathlon realm it would be to be able to do a flying mount out of transition. I look like a gma getting on a bike! Outside of triathlon it would be to be tall. 

 6.           Favourite motivational quote?

This is hard I say so many to myself during a race.."Pain is only temporary," "you are in three races," "run to form" are the main ones.. A day to day favourite is "do it because you love it". 

7.           The one bit of advice I’d give to a newbie is…  

Take it slow, trust the process and have fun! 

8.           My next race is… Noosa 

9.         I couldn’t do what I do without… Nodoze and the support of my brother. He is seriously the best,  always makes me feel good about a session/race even if I know it was poop. 

10.       What do you do outside of triathlons?

I am an environmental consultant and I travel to some pretty exciting places (not really) to look at things like weeds and play with soil and water. I am also studying law part time this year. I dabble in touch football and don't mind a drink on the weekend. 

11.       What’s your one guilty pleasure? 

After dinner acai bowls from Kokobana. I highly recommend the nutter! 

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