AOTM KieranStorch



Congratulations to Kieran Storch on being selected as Red Dog’s Athlete of the Month for November 2014.   Well done !!! 


Kieran wins the award for winning the Open Male Category at the Noosa Triathlon. 


A big thank you to All Hose & Valves, Fusion and No More Knots for donating this month’s prizes.



  1: Red Dog AOTM, how do you feel about that?

Stoked! There's been some big results this month: Sarah's won just about every weekend, Dimsey's beating professionals and I'm sure there are many more Red Dogs dominating, so to get the award is great. 

2: What attracted you to the squad?

To be honest I was down at Fusion Cycles with yet another mechanical incident and they put me on to RDTT. Then after getting destroyed in the first swim session I rocked up to, I was hooked. And it continues, it's not every squad where you can swim with world record holders!

3: If you were Red Dog coach for the week, what would you do differently?

Probably not too much; although some open water swimming never goes astray.

4: How much training do you do at the moment?

Right now, zero. And it feels weird, I'm still waking up at 4.30am ready to go. However, after a couple days R&R I'll be back into training which usually includes about 12 sessions per week, half of which are swimming.

5: Least favourite session and why?

Any session where I'm having a particularly bad day, especially if it's out at the running track because there's nowhere to hide. Also, I try to avoid using a rubber 'band' when swimming; I sink pretty bad. 

6: If you had one wish, what would it be?

To be quite shallow, I'd love an M5. And someone to pay for the petrol (and tyres) would be even better. 

7: Favourite motivational quote?

This one's quite ridiculous, but it's especially good for getting you motivated for a TT or race, "The best pace is a suicide pace, and today is a good day to die!" Steve Prefontaine.

8: What advice would you give to other Red Dogs who would like to be AOTM?

Be motivated by the hard work and successes of other Red Dogs (and let No More Knots take care of your body) then AOTM should take care of itself.

9: What are your goals?

At the moment I'm about to start gearing towards (training like a maniac) the 'Hell of the West' triathlon out at Goondiwindi. Fusion Cycles, All Hose & Valves and RDTT (shameless plug) helped me get a wicked TT bike, so I'm super keen to take it out there and test myself over the longer distance. 

10: Who would be your ideal training partner?

They're already at squad each day. Any night in the pool there'll be plenty of people to push me, not to mention Nashy who'll make me lead, come barreling past me and then hop out half way through! On the bike Dimsey's really strong, especially when he says he's tired, or sore, or is going to take it easy and then he burns off and sets a new 20K TT record. And on the run Drabble can always ensure I end a track session on a low, by kicking my ass on the last rep without fail. 

11: What do you do outside of triathlons?

I just finished my 3rd year of studying physiotherapy, so between that and triathlon, well, that's all I really do. However, when on holidays I have plenty of interests: cooking, surfing, fishing and if I'm particularly lucky, nothing beats skiing.