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Congratulations to Francis (aka Frank) Mahony on being selected as Reddog’s Athlete of the Month for March 2014. Well done!!! 

Frank wins the award for winning the Australian M50-54 Age Group Championship in Devonport, Tas, winning the M50-54 Age Group at Victor Harbour, SA and 3rd place at Mooloolaba in the M50-54 Age Group.  Well done!

A big thank you to No More Knots, Aqua Shop, All Hose and Valves and GMN Vegie Prepi for donating this month's prizes.


Frank kindly supplied a copy of his latest interview with Oprah rather than answering our silly questions.


Reddog Athlete of the Month: March 2014
The Reddog Athlete of the Month for March is Mr. Francis Mahony.
Another hard hitting interview for Opray Winfrey.
Oprah:  Welcome to the show Francis.
FM:  Call me Frank. My friends call me Frank
Oprah: Now, Francis, it must be a huge honour to be selected as Reddog Athlete of the Month.
FM: I don’t think I am deserving of it, I managed 4th in the Open section of the Samford Kids Tri, and there was only 4 entrants.
Then I got beaten by Darren Carnell on the run leg at Mooloolaba. Ran straight over the top of me he did!
Oprah: There is no shame in being beaten by Darren Carnell; he is an Age Group World Champion.
FM: Of course I know he is an Age Group World Champion, he reminds me of this every morning when we catch up for a Café Latte.
Oprah: Maybe there were some other race results that got you the athlete of the month?
FM: I got 3rd place in my age group at Mooloolaba, just ahead of a nobody called Steve Lindores.
Oprah: Who is Steve Lindores when he is at home?
FM: He is also Steve Lindores when he is at home, although his wife calls him honeypot and snuggle pie.
She also does this in public, poor guy.
Oprah: Is he a Reddog member? Trent doesn’t want any outsiders mentioned.
FM: Yes, he is a Reddog member.
Oprah: I heard there were some other races as well.
FM: There was a 10,000 metre track race, but usually they don’t count. Real triathletes don’t do track races.
Oprah: Is that the race where you got lapped by a real triathlete, a female one at that. You got “chicked”!
FM: Damn, you have done your research. Moving right along then. I got 1st in my age group at a minor race in Devonport.
None of the big guns like Ian Fabian turned up, in fact no one turned up but me.
Oprah: I understand that was a bit more than a minor race, it included an Australian Age Group Champion title.
FM: Yes it did, but, gee, Australian Titles are not that hard to come by, even Andrew Fuller has managed to win one.
Oprah: You actually know Andrew Fuller? You do hang out with the shakers and movers!
FM: Actually, I wouldn’t say I know him, but I have seen him around the traps.
Oprah: So you are just name dropping. Firstly mentioning Darren Carnell, then Ian Fabian, now Andrew Fuller.
Any other big names you’d like to mention?
FM: Peter Foster.
Oprah: Be serious, Peter Foster would have nothing to do with someone like you.
You are on prime time TV and have a look at yourself, wearing pink hot pants and no top.
Who dressed you tonight, Clare Geraghty?
FM: Actually I borrowed the outfit from Marto, alias Mark Martin, and the pink bow tie came from one of the
Nundah crew I hang out with, whose name I can’t mention.
Oprah: How do you know Peter Foster?
FM: Well, he got busted drafting off me in the last State Olympic Distance Championships.
Oprah: Now we know you are making stuff up. You are trying to tell me you can ride as fast as Peter Foster? 
Have you got your facts straight?
FM: I tell you, not a word of a lie, there was drafting going on and a yellow card was shown.
Oprah: And, with not a word of a lie, can you advise who was shown the yellow card?
FM: Um, well, ah, okay, sorry, just a minor adjustment to my story, yes, okay, I got shown the yellow card!
Oprah: What advice would you give to other athletes who would like to be Reddog Athlete of the Month?
FM: Don’t do it. The fame is overwhelming. Got media camped outside my house and my quiet life is ruined.
Oprah: How much training do you do at the moment?
FM: I don’t do training. As Gordon Gecko said, “Training is for wimps”. I just race.
Oprah: Tell us about your life outside of triathlons?
FM: In the daytime, I write romance novels. And in the evening, I moonlight as the lead singer of a punk band 
called “Rock Gods Wear Flowers”
Oprah: That’s a pretty heavy name for a punk band. Wouldn’t that scare off the grannies from your show?
FM: That’s a bit harsh Oprah. We have some young people turn up, some even under 50 years old.
Oprah: Is it true that Darren Carnell wanted you to write a romance novel with him playing a major part in it?
Did he want to be the hero?
FM: It is true, although he wanted the role of the heroin.
Oprah: I think you mean heroine?
FM: No, I meant heroin. He had some fantasy about being laid out on a kitchen table and snorted by a pretty young blonde.
Oprah: This is a family show Francis, best we move along. Now I hear you have been married a few times.
FM: Yes, 3 times.
Oprah: My research indicates it was actually 5 times and the first 2 times had quite a twist to them.
FM: Damn your research. Okay, the first one was I went to Thailand when I was young and naïve, and I fell in love with a lovely young lady.
Oprah: I heard the honeymoon didn’t go to plan.
FM: Yes, I discovered she was one of those ladybugs.
Oprah: I think you mean ladyboy.
FM: Whatever. Wasn’t quite the lady I expected.
Oprah: So what did you do?
FM: I found a priest and had the marriage anointed!
Oprah: I think you are supposed to get them annulled.
FM: Damn, so that’s why I am suffering from bigamy.
Oprah: And the 2nd marriage?
FM: Las Vegas involving an Elvis impersonator in drag!
Oprah: Are you telling us you got married by an Elvis Drag Queen?
FM: It’s worse than that, they were in the wedding party.
Oprah: You married an Elvis Drag Queen?
FM: No, don’t be silly. It was me. I was the Elvis Drag Queen when I got married. It was a phase I was going through.
Oprah: And how long did this phase last?
FM: It is still going. I get quite a call for my cabaret act, although I had to decline a request from a bloke calling himself
Warby who wanted a surprise for his wife. He is from out Samsonvale way. They are quite weird out there.
Oprah: Returning to triathlons, who would you want to swim like?
FM: Darren Carnell
Oprah: Can’t you give a serious answer for a change.  Okay, who is your cycling hero?
FM: Lance Armstrong
Oprah: He is a drug cheat!
FM: Nothing wrong with the occasional “Pick Me Up”.
Oprah: What are your goals?
FM: I dream one day of running past Mr Fuller in an Aussie Green and Gold outfit.
And for one of my romance novels to hit the best sellers list.
Oprah: You could be waiting a while on both of those.  Thanks for your time tonight Francis.
And one last thing, can you please put a shirt on to cover up your chest. You are making my audience go weak at the knees.