January Athlete Of The Month

1.  How do you raise two kids, win triathlons & keep your husband satisfied all in one day?  My house runs to a strict timetable so that everyone is catered for, including Geoff ; )
2. How much training do you do per week?  I do whatever Trent tells me to do.  Up to 10 sessions a week.

3. Kate Major is living with you. What have you taught her about triathlon?  I don’t know that I have taught Kate much, she has taught me heaps.  Kate has given me great tips on riding, nutrition and stretching. It will be hard to say goodbye to her in April, she’s part of our family now.

4. Are you comfortable being tagged  "The yummy mummy" by some of the young blokes in the squad?  How exciting!!!  If the cap fits, wear it : )

5. Do you have any pre-race superstitions?  I believe in St. Christopher, I never take him off.  Once I didn’t wear him and crashed my bike so he is permanently around my neck for protection.

6.  If you were the Reddog coach for a week what would you do different?  I’d run behind my athletes playing music at the track and give them an ice block at the end of the session. Oh no!! Sorry, that’s Pat Carroll!  I wouldn’t change anything Trent does a great job now.

7. If you had one wish?  That my daughters grow up happy, good people.

8. Triathlon’s you like to do and why?  Yeppoon Half Ironman because of the location. Goondiwindi  Hell of the West because it’s a tough race and is an unusual place to have a triathlon.

9. Most enjoyable race?  I love doing Mooloolaba every year.  My family (rent a crowd) live there.  

10. How does your husband handle being beaten by his wife?  He loves me kicking his ass!!! I’m lucky he’s so supportive of my crazy habit.    

11. What age grouper’s do you admire and why?  Angela Clarke & Leanne Southwell, they both have families, work full time, train hard and race well over all distances.

12. Who is the most over rated age group triathlete you know?  I see a lot of people talking themselves up in this sport. I’d have to say Simon Nash, he has all the gear and no idea!!!

13. Ideal training partner?  Geoff (husband), Andrew Cosgrave and Pauly Hayden. They all tolerate my constant chatting and airhead behaviour.

14. What’s your most embarrassing moment?  Going skinny-dipping after a long ride and having my gear stolen.

15.  What movie star do you look like?  Cameron Diaz - same height, same hair.  NOT!!!!!  What kind of question is that?

16. Favourite drink?  A decent Shiraz.

17. Who would be your ideal sponsor?  I’d love to be sponsored by Cadbury’s. My favourite chocolate is Caramelo Koalas.  I eat them every day.  I would go through hundreds a year.

18. Favourite motivational quote?   Enjoy whatever you do, focus on that particular stage in your life, pay your dues with hard work and let your character speak for itself! - Lance Armstrong.

19. What advice would you give to someone just starting out in the sport?  I believe that you train and race to achieve your own personal goals.   Our greatness does not come from exploiting our competitors, enemies or accomplishments.  Greatness runs from within.  Al Pitman