November Athlete of the Month 2010 - Chirs Brittain

Reddog AOTM, how do you feel about that?

I was so suprised when I read that I was AOTM. It is a great honour and I'm stoked that it was awarded to me.

What attracted you to the sport of triathlon?

I did my first tri in 1995 because my dad was doing them and they looked like fun. I  stopped for a few years and then got back into them because I wanted to get fit for a surf trip. My wife Gisela was swimming with Tommy at Yeronga so I thought I would go along and do some swimming. I was enjoying the swimming so much I tried the Tuesday runs and then one of my mates talked me in to entering Noosa. By that time I was hooked.
If you were Reddog coach for the week, what would you do differently?

If I was coach for a week I would have to ask the regular coaches for advice because I would not have a clue. Trent and the boys must know what there doing because we did just win the Queensland club champs.
How much training do you do at the moment?

I'm currently doing six sessions per week. I try to do two of each discipline.

Least favourite session and why?

My least favourite session would have to be flippers on Thursday nights. With Tommy and the rest of the squad pushing me it is an hour of pain. They are making me a stronger swimmer though.
If you had one wish, what would it be?

If I could have one wish it would be to have a long happy life surrounded by loving family and freinds.

Favourite motivational quote?

Sucess should be measured by how often a person smiles during the day. "He who smiles the most is killing it." I made up that one.

What advice would you give to other Reddogs who would like to be AOTM?

Enjoy what your doing and strive to keep improving.

What are your goals?

I have a few goals for this year -        1) To run 5kms in under 20 mins
                                                    2) To finish Moolooaba in under 2hs 16mis.
                                                    30 To complete the Cairns Challenge Half Iron Man.
Who would be your ideal training partner?

I have always been a fan of Ky Hurst but I would not see much of him if we trained together because he is so fast. The guys and girls that I'm training with at the moment are really pushing me and making me motivated to keep improving, so I'm content as a Red Dogger.