March Athlete of the Month 2011 - Troy O'Shea

Reddog AOTM, how do you feel about that?

It’s huge mate, just falls behind the National championship at M’ba J

What attracted you to the sport of triathlon?

To be honest it was about keeping fit after football. Then I was addicted!

If you were Reddog coach for the week, what would you do differently?

I think you do a good job Trent, maybe try and group the different distances together somehow.

How much training do you do at the moment?

Weekly- Swim 15km, Bike 200km, Run 2/3 sessions H2O only (Calf injury)

Least favourite session and why?

Don’t really have one, love training hard. I hate it when I can’t make a time or slacken off during a session.

If you had one wish, what would it be?

Tri wise it would definitely be to represent Australia at the Olympics.

Favourite motivational quote?


What advice would you give to other Reddogs who would like to be AOTM?

Just be consistent with your training and it will come.

What are your goals?

Short term- To be in the mix at the World Champs in Beijing.

Long term- Work my way up to the pro/elite level and be competitive.

Who would be your ideal training partner?

Courtney Atkinson- Because he is a great bloke and he would push me along massively. He’s a freak!