December Athlete of the Month 2009

What does Red Dog AOTM mean to you?
It’s an honorable thing to get with a lot of hard work put in. but most of all an expensive month at the pub buying the dog drinks.

After tackling most triathlon distances, which one suits you best?
None really as I vomit in all of them. It’s just a great perve though so I put up with it.

If you had one wish what would it be?
To perfect the 4th and 5th legs of a tri. Or be like Nashy.

What’s your favorite race and why ?
I love ALL races just to try and beat my previous times.

What is your motivational quote?

Who’s hot right now in Red Dog & why?
Moerig, she was hot before, she's hot now and she’ll be hot when she’s 100. GRRRRRRRR.

If you were a Red Dog coach for a week what would you do different?
Try and get some of the BTS chicks to come across. I need a distraction from looking at Moerig

What age grouper do you admirer & why?
Dave Treloar. Not for any other reason but him being beautiful.

What is your favorite race on the calendar?

Who do you think is over rated?
The Brisbane Broncos. At track I feel like yelling to those pussies, "CMON" in a Layton Hewitt kind of way and then just smashing them up.

What are your goals for 2010?
Have I mentioned Nic Moerig? And IRONMAN (not the movie).