June Athlete of the Month

How does winning AOTM rank against your win in Cairns?

Well I didn't have to bake a cake to win in Cairns.
Do you think making Trent a birthday cake helped get you over the line for AOTM?
ABSOLUTELY!!!  Sucking up always helps.

The domestic season hasn't even started and you have already notched up 2 wins from 2 starts.  Tell me about your Tour de Tri 24hr race, people are saying you were the back bone to the team, is this true?
Bretto (Brett Sellers) and I were most definately the backbone.  While Pete and Nashy were getting their beauty sleep, Bretto and I were slogging it out at midnight in the rain, dark, cold and wind.  Then when we  finsihed our shift,  Nashy wants cups of tea!!!  You know where I told him to stick his cups of tea.

Your victory in Cairns(first female overall) must be rewarding due to the fact you were in the middle of a heavy training load?
Lucky for me I was staying with the lovely Mello Newton and we looked at the weekend as a husbandless fun time in Cairns as opposed to a racing weekend.  I was scared of crocs so I swam like never before and it took the whole bike and run leg to stop crapping myself.

Being a school teacher and training full time must be very hectic, how do you cope with this?
Take it out on Pete.  No, only joking I love teaching and training so it works well and I do get great holidays.

What age grouper do you admirer and why?
Bruce Theile (Sunny Coast)  he is the perfect allrounder.  He is a barrister, cool dad, husband (his wife also an ironman) and went sub 9.10 at Port mac this year.   And has the best sense of humour you always got to love someone who makes you laugh.

If you were a Reddog coach for a week what would you do differently?
A day at the coast surfing and ocean swimming.

Who would be your ideal training partner and why?
Shane at Velo cycles.  He is hot and could change a flat in a flash.

Who in the squad is "hot" right now?
I know I am supposed to say Pete but I am going Lucie "long legs" Richards and Mattie 'Afro" Breakspear.

I hear you watch a lot of Disney cartoons, who is your favourite character?
Lillo from Lillo and stitch.  She is a cool little surfing legend.

If you had one wish what would it be?
To make the swim of a Triathlon longer and always in surf and the run leg shorter.

If there is one ingredient you could give to someone to win a race what would it be?

Do you think male triathletes should go back to racing in speedos?
God No!!!  It is like men who wear white bike pants why the hell would you???

Who is hotter male triathletes or clubbies (surf club guys)
I have been in the surf club since I was three so am going with Clubbies.  Especially clubbies from NSW, there is something in the ocean south of the boarder that makes all those clubbies have nice tans and teeth.  Go the Blues!

Is it true your husband is famous?
Hell yeah, he was on the back of the Nutri Grain cereal box in 2005.

Post World Championships on the Gold Coast what is plan.
Post plan one:  To drink Trent under the table.
Post plan two:  To make a half court aka up the duff by Christmas.