10 Steps to Bike Maintenance at Home by Fusion Cycles


Based on cycling 2-3 times per week, this maintenance checklist will prolong the life of your bike parts.


  • Clean chain every week - wipe down with a soft cloth and re-grease
  • De-grease chain every month
  • Clean bottom bracket every 4 months if dry weather.  If regularly riding in rain, clean bottom bracket every month
  • Clean brake pads and wheel surface once a week
  • Tune gears and check and re-grease gear cables every 4 months
  • If you have been cycling in the wet, wash frame and running parts, dry with soft cloth and re-lubricate chain
  • Check side walls of tyres regularly for damage and wear.  Replace tyres if deep cutes or flat spots as these will mean more flat tyres
  • Ensure you have a puncture kit on your bike at all times

tyre levers

pump or CO2 canister

spare tube

  • Home maintenance equipment

foot pump

wet lubricant

dry lubricant

chain degreaser

Bike shop service recommended every six months - see Silver Service on Bike Servicing menu bar of Fusion Cycles website



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