Red Dog Athlete of the Month (AOTM) is awarded to Red Dog members who have demonstrated the following:


  • exceptional performance or improvement in a single discipline or multisport event; or
  • a committed, consistent and positive attitude towards training

The AOTM accolade will be awarded once to an individual during the course of their membership. 

Recipients benefit from a range of sponsor prizes and are promoted via an article on the Red Dog website and Facebook page.


  2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008    
Dec Glenn Torepe  Jasmine Davie  Isaac Perry  Brendan Flanagan  Sarah Crealy Kevin Halse Alison Ryan Vanessa Dellow Joey Cahill Simon Nash    
Nov Angela Clarke  Ian Martin  Greg Bush  Kieran Storch  Brett Jenkins Rosie McGeoch Craig Roberts Chris Brittain Amanda Barrett Debbie Harrison    
Oct  Jessica Parnwell Raleigh Wallace Sarah Richmond  Andrew Fuller  Ewen Larsen Darren Carnell Danielle Raynor Tyron Easterbrook Peter Court      
Sep  Darrell Crimson  Tyler Allan Louisa Abram  Kate Weir  James Foote Michelle Perry Louise Gunston Amanda McIntosh Lucy Richards      
Aug  Stephen Mann Maddie Morton  Michael Boyd  James Dimsey  Michelle Gemmell Liz Cooper Hayden Flouch Scott Waters Richard Yates      

 Trish Wright

Keith Hungerford

Heidi Frisch  Evelyn Best Ian Fabian Anne Pleash Sarah Crowley Brett Sweeney Greg Burley      
Jun Ben Castles  Sara Moser  Bec East  Guy Constant Jen Veitch Andrew Cosgrave Anthony Hartley Clare Hooke Katie Court      

Isabella Marles 

Ian Edwards  Dave Kalinowski  Steph Barrett Brad Mathers Juan-Carlos Delgado Neil Cowan Robyn Saultry Sue Rigato      
Apr Karen Ward  Nic Ennis Damien Bulters  Troy Grice Jo Cochrane Kristen Walker Tony Applin Pip Brook Brett Pidgeon      
Mar Daniel Bush   Matthew Boevink Felicity O'Neill  Frank Mahony Ben McCormick Briarna Mackie Troy O’Shea Bill Farry Michelle Singer      

Ralph Dehlen 

Therese Rennick  Sarah Menlove  Belinda Ward Dave Frizzell Linda O’Connor Brad Garlick Kate Fryer Annie Perkins      
Jan Bob Reseigh Ashley Portas Ned Mott Andrew Kent Stuart Harris Priscilla Barrington Brett Sellars Nicole Moerig Janine Wilson      


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